Shawn B. Pierre the CEO & Founder of  Humble & Faithful LLC  is a Morehouse College gradaute  in Atlanta, GA. He is originally from Miami, Fl better known as Lil Haiti and established Humble & Faithful LLC  in September of 2016.


We are a motivational clothing brand who's mission is to encourage people to appreciate the beauty of life while motivating people to chase their dreams through fashion and more. Stay Humble & Faithful!


Is to practice humble like characteristics and applied faith.


After months of practice, Humble & Faithful, LLC is a brand which inspires us as human beings to celebrate life.

Our duty is to impact the masses through fashion and testimonials. The idea of sharing one's story can alleviate the pain of another.

“For the Lord takes delight in his people; he crowns the humble with victory.”

Psalm 149:4

Your faithfulness depending on what it is that you love to do can be based off commitment, pursued devotion and etc.

"If you have faith when you pray, you will be given whatever you ask for."

Matthew 21:22

Remain Humble & Faithful because at any moment, what you have can be taken away from you.

All designs are printed on the highest quality textiles, sustainably sourced and printed locally in Atlanta.